ProPresenter 6 Creation Course

Introducing ProPresenter 6 Creation Course
The Easiest Way EVER to Get Up to Speed with ProPresenter 6 Presentation Creation

You feel the weight of the responsibility of creating the presentations at your church. You want to make them engaging, but not distracting, quickly, but not sloppy, creative, but not irreverent, respectful, but not boring. That’s quite a task!

No wonder so many church techies find themselves overwhelmed by the learning curve that comes with new software. It’s easy to give up or just get by with the minimum.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry and don’t go back to how things used to be done. Help is here!

Introducing Paul Alan Clifford’s ProPresenter 6 Creation Course. It’s your job to create the presentations in ProPresenter for your church. How do you go about doing it as quickly as possible, but with as much excellence as possible and how do you go about training others to do the same? Join this course and you can learn from a veteran church techie how it’s done.

Using videos created specifically for you, ProPresenter 6 Creation Course walks you through creating compelling presentations for your church step by step by step. As you move through the ProPresenter 6 Creation Course, you’ll be creating song lyric slides, playing videos, and formatting the pastor’s sermon notes so that they create the most impact possible.

Want to know something cool? As you learn to use ProPresenter 6 to create your presentations, you’ll automatically start to see possibilities that you haven’t seen before.

When you can quickly get a presentation made, you’ll have more time to add the little extras that make it more engaging. Imagine having spare time because you’re not scrambling to get everything in. You’ll be ready to go so you can check it and tweak with time to spare.

It’s not just a course; it’s a quick reference guide for all you do in creating presentations.

You can’t remember everything, but don’t worry. With an intuitive organization, you can revisit topics of your choice at any time. Forgot how to create bulleted lists? No problem, just watch only that lecture. Need to use element transitions? Just refresh your memory.

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Course Instructor

Paul Alan Clifford Paul Alan Clifford Author

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The Basics

Your first presentation

How to create your first, basic presentation.

Working with text
Working with video
The difference between audio effects and tracks


Adding videos
Showing YouTube Videos
Slide element transitions
Using non-printing guidelines
Making Photo Slideshows
Cue palette
Using tags to organize media
Websites as slides

Announcements and preservice loop

Creating and scheduling preservice loops
Automatically starting countdowns with scheduler


Formatting and creating arrangements
Different methods for making text all caps
Using light text with light backgrounds
Repeating slides


Sermon notes
Bulleted lists, fill-in-the-blanks, and element transitions
Formatting scripture