ProPresenter 6 for Pastors and Teachers


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Paul Alan Clifford Paul Alan Clifford Author

Pro6 for Pastors and Teachers



Introduction to the course software
Introduction to the instructor
Welcome to the community
Introduce yourself here and feel free to ask questions that aren't covered in any of the videos (or ask for clarification under the ones that are). Paul

ProPresenter Basics

Tour of the ProPresenter Interface
Answers to common ProPresenter (and presentation) questions

You CAN make sermon notes in or for ProPresenter

“But I don’t have the right computer.”
Creating a presentation outside of ProPresenter
Making your presentation in ProPresenter itself
Bulleted list reveals and fill-in-the-blanks
Working with Scripture and the Bibles interface in ProPresenter

Mistakes to avoid

Features you should be using, but probably aren’t
Design mistakes to avoid