ProPresenter 6 Operators’ Course

New to ProPresenter 6 and need to know how to run a presentation? This course is for you.
In these video lessons, you’ll learn about:

  • When to change lyrics
  • Turning on and off the output (in case it happens accidentally)
  • Finding the mouse
  • Backgrounds vs. foregrounds
  • Tour of the UI
  • Editing basics (for when a typo sneaks through)
  • Turning on and off stage display and disabling control of the main display
  • Jumping ahead and back (when the Spirit moves or the singer doesn’t look at the stage display and gets out of order)
  • Adding scripture
  • Nursery numbers
  • Countdowns


  • Props

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Course Instructor

Paul Alan Clifford Paul Alan Clifford Author

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The Bare Minimum

Tour of the UI

Short description of your first lesson.

When to change lyrics and jumping ahead or back
Finding the mouse
Backgrounds vs. foregrounds (working with video)

Oops, what happened?!

Turning on and off the output
Quickly editing a typo
Controlling only the stage display

Adding in other stuff

Slide loops & countdowns
Nursery Numbers (and other messages)
Adding Scripture

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