Terms of service

This is an “irons sharpens iron” community, so we want to help each other grow. We also want to “tell the truth in love.” So, always balance those two.

Avoid “disputable issues.” I don’t care how obvious it is to you. At ChurchTechU, we’re all in process. As such, before you “call out” anyone, carefully remove the plank from your own eye.

How this looks in real life:
No arguments about theology or Biblical interpretation.
No topics written from the stand-point of “why don’t you all agree with me.”
Be humble in all your interactions.
Offer grace and assume the best.
Love first. Get angry later.

Occasionally, members who do not respond to repeated requests to follow these rules will be asked to leave. This is a last resort.

Discussion content, when added to the forums, is written with the understanding that you are giving ChurchTechU (a service of TrinityDigitalMedia.com) non-exclusive, but non-revokeable license to use that content in the forums. Once you write something, you may put that somewhere else, but you agree not to demand its removal from ChurchTechU (or any future iteration of these forums) at any time, for any reason. This guideline is put in place to maintain the integrity of discussions on the forum, even if members leave or are asked to leave for any reason.

Moderators have sole discretion to remove, alter, or censor content as they see fit for the health and well-being as a whole.

In general, conduct yourselves as Christians and handle disputes with humility, in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17.

These guidelines may be changed at any time.

Have fun and grow in your ability to spread the Good News.


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