Struggling to get a grasp on ProPresenter or train others to use it?

Did you know that most churches are only SCRATCHING THE SURFACE of what ProPresenter 7 can do?

Learn how to get training from Paul Alan Clifford, creator of HUNDREDS of YouTube ProPresenter tutorials, to take your abilities to the next level and train your whole church, too.


You Can Get the Help You Need!

Learn how you can have an expert in your corner to:

  • Teach you to build a your playlists quickly and easily.
  • Rest assured that you can answer questions as they arise.
  • Learn from regular live, group sessions.
  • Train staff and volunteers to run ProPresenter so they're prepared for whatever comes up.
  • Get all this for MUCH LESS than the total monthly (or yearly) total of your daily trip to Starbucks.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With ChurchTechU you and your church could take your tech to the next level.


Right Now, You Could Start…

  • Training volunteers and staff.
  • Take team training off your to do list.
  • Get your questions answered by an expert.

Let those gifted in tech, help your church reach her redemptive potential.

What's Included...


Discounts on one-on-one consulting

If you need questions answered or to hash out details, spend time, talking to Paul one-on-one for MUCH LESS than non members:

  • Have questions about what ProPresenter can do?
  • Need to plan for Christmas and Easter or other big services?
  • Want to bounce ideas off a church techy to see what's possible and what's not?

You’ll be able to schedule a meeting to discuss it all with Paul (extra charges, but discounted from the public rate, apply).


A churchwide membership to ChurchTechU

The secret to building a trained team, whether staff or volunteer:

  • Each person can have a unique login to train themselves on their schedule.
  • Whether they need the accountability of a weekly live course or not, there's training for them.
  • They can start anywhere along the spectrum from novice to expert.
  • They can also learn about other church tech disciplines outside of ProPresenter.

You’ll have training tailored to your team members' individual experience and learning preferences.

This Offer Is For You and Your Church If...

  • You know you CAN do more, but don't know HOW.
  • You want to get the most out of ProPresenter.
  • You are stuck at the level of your ProPresenter knowledge.
  • You don't want to or don't have time to train your team and other ministries in your church.
  • AND/OR You want to have the best playlists and presentations possible.

I'm Paul Alan Clifford


I've been on my church's tech team since we were very small, back in 2000.  Over the years, I've edited hundreds of hours of video, helped transition my church from PowerPoint, through various other worship software, and finally to ProPresenter 3.  

Along the way, I've released over 1,000 tutorials on YouTube on various church tech topics, started this ministry to help church like yours, and even partnered with Renewed Vision to build the largest ProPresenter community on Facebook (with over 43,000 members).

Now, I'm expanding my team so that you can get personalized training for YOUR CHURCH.  

Keep scrolling down to find out more.

""You have helped me a lot with your videos as I tend to have to teach the worship pastor things that I have learnt from you..."

--Andrew M.

"I've been using ProPresenter for five or six years...just muddling through...

I found ChurchTechU a few months ago and things have kinda changed for feels like I've got someone in my corner."

- Becky from The Rock Church, AZ

"I was looking through it this morning… really good stuff… I’m sure my team will get a lot of use out of it. I highly recommend it, especially if you find it hard to get everyone together on a regular basis for training. 🙂"

- Brian S.

Monthly Plan


60% OFF

Only $99.97 FREE for the first MONTH and $39.97 a month thereafter...cancel anytime! 


Most Popular -- Quarterly Plan


60% OFF

Only $274.97 FREE for the first MONTH and then only $109.97 a quarter thereafter...cancel anytime.


Best Value -- Yearly Plan


60% OFF

Only $997 FREE for the first MONTH and then only $397 a year thereafter...cancel anytime.



If you aren’t completely satisfied with ChurchTechU, let me know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.