The unshakeable truth about the future...this too shall pass

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020

I have a member of my extended family who MIGHT have COVID.  She's not in great health, so this MIGHT be a very bad thing, but...

We'll get through it.

Remember what they say, "This too shall pass."  

That's the good news of our situation AND the bad news.  Whatever is happening will change.

Happily, as a person of faith, I know how it ends.  Whether it gets worse before it gets better or it gets better, the future will eventually get better.

So, this is a quick message to say, hold on, no matter what your situation.  Some day, we'll be able to tell everyone about how bad 2020 was, just as those in 1920 could tell how bad 1918 was.  


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